Frugal Tips for Clothes Shopping

Money Saving Tip: Be sure to shop off season. Buy fall and winter clothing in spring and summer and buy spring and summer clothing in fall and winter. By doing this you can hit double markdowns (i.e.-75% off and marked down once again an additional high percentage).

Money Saving Tip: Buy sweaters and classic pieces from consignment stores, second had stores, and Goodwill. Many sweaters and classic pieces can be nearly new at many of these locations and can be purchased far below retail. It is not uncommon to find sweaters for under $5 at such places. Ebay is another great alternative to paying full price.

Just below are some links to name brand categories listed on ebay...
Coach Purses and Shoes for Women
Dankso Shoes for women
Ebay Name Brand Clothes
Florsheim Shoes for Men
Keens Shoes for Women
Keens Shoes for Men

Money Saving Tip: Shop online stores known to be discount outlets. A standard rule of thumb is clearance sales of 50% or above. Shipping usually is an additional cost when purchasing clothes online. It's better to purchase what you need for the season only once rather than clothes shopping haphazardly. This will save on impulse shopping and will also reduce the cost of shipping (in many cases) when purchasing more than one item.

Women's Clearance Clothes Shopping

6PM's clearance clothes shopping gives a wide selection from top designers offering up to 75% off retail NEW. Their discount prices are not only attractive, they have a wide variety of styles for women of all ages. you can now buy "cheap clothes" that aren't cheaply made! Great for the price-sensitive online shoppers. has appeared in Internet Retailer’s annual list of Hot 100 Retail Websites (2007). and they feature discounted prices on name brand shoes, apparel, and accessories for women, men, and children providing you with savings up to 75% off retail. Be careful! You could spend an entire day shopping at this one!

Clearance Link for Designer Scrubs

Since 1986, the Tafford brand has been the industry leader for medical scrubs, nursing uniforms and more. Tafford designs and manufactures almost all of the scrubs that they sell. From exclusive designs to a great selection of plus sized scrubs, Tafford has become a leader in selling scrubs in the medical industry.

Here is a direct link to their Online Store Clearance Sale save 40-60% .

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