The Best Time To Hit Clearance Sales When Clothes Shopping

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Clothes shopping, with Frugal Footsteps, is mainly based on timing.

The best time to hit the clearance sales is toward the end of each season. In other words, you will wait to buy winter clothes toward the end of winter, and summer clothes toward the end of summer.

You can save up to 75%, or more, by doing so.

It's worth the wait.

Finding good clearance sales can be a challenge when you do not approach end of season sales.

A simple rule of thumb is to seek sales that are close to 50% off, or higher, if you do choose to buy an item during the season.

Saving More On Name Brands...

Outlet stores carry name brands at clearance prices. These can be great places to shop. Most often, they have clearance prices as well.

Off season applies to clearance outlet stores, so be sure to time your purchases to save even more.

Another alternative is to shop ebay for name brand clothes shopping. We have put together a widget with some of these options from ebay with a search bar at the top so you can explore this option.

Click here to see Ebay's choices and to search for name brand clothes.

Good Shoes Are a Great Investment, and Even Better With These Frugal Tips...

Great shoes can be very expensive. But great shoes are well worth it. The support, the comfort, and the durability all should be weighed before you make a shoe purchase.

However, you can slash your bill on a great pair of shoes signficantly with these frugal footsteps...
Money Saving Tips: Avoid purchasing shoes from "name brand retail locations." These locations have highly inflated prices.

Instead, go to outlet centers, discount sites, and once again, Ebay.

Here are some links to find top name brand shoes at the lowest prices available:

Dansko Shoes for Women
Florsheim Shoes for Men
Coach Purses and Shoes for Women
Hush Puppies for Men
Keens Shoes for Women
Keens Shoes for Men

If you are in need of clothes and can't wait until the end of the season, The Lavish Cheapskate's shopping page has direct links to clearance shopping.

Click here and add it to your favorites. These links give discounts of 40%-85% off and are updated frequently.

Just before the end of each season, there is still a large selection of clothes. You can find many discount clothes, as well as discount name brands, to choose from. It is not unusual to find items marked down 75%.

75% off means you can buy 4 items for the price of 1 at full price!

It is so exciting to buy double, triple, and even quadruple what you can regularly buy by practicing this simple frugal footstep!

With growing children, you can buy a size larger for the following year so they too have a new wardrobe for next year at a greatly reduced price.

The standard 20% sale is still a highly inflated price.

By avoiding the smaller sales, you can more than double your purchasing power by simply waiting. It enables you to buy cheap clothes that aren't cheaply made!

Seek "double markdowns" at the end of each season

At the end of each season, go to the sales racks at stores. You will notice many items that are marked down twice when clothes shopping. Skim through and find the best buys.

By doing so, you can purchase high end clothing at a fraction of the cost.

Stick with the Classics...

Classic dress shirts, on sale, are great buys when clothes shopping.

You can choose classic colors in dress shirts and look fabulous for any event.

Try to choose dress shirts that have a mix of 95% Cotton and 5% of Lastol, or Lycra, or polyester type of material. They require less ironing and have a tendency to last longer.

Other classics for women are turtle necks, standard colors-- such as white, black, blue, pink, and red.

Classic colored tank tops can also be used for layers throughout the year.

For slacks and skirts, stick to standard colors such as black, navy blue, brown, tan, and white. This gives you more versatility with your wardrobe and stretches your dollar.

How to choose frugal steps for Formal Events...

Once again, classic colors are a great choice when clothes shopping for formal occasions.

Since formal gowns and formal dresses are for special occasions, it's important to choose pieces that are greatly reduced. Most often, choosing formalwear becomes a "last minute emergency."

Avoid that from happening. Be proactive and choose a dress that you really like when it's on sale. Click here

for a link that provides great prices on formalwear.

Be sure when you choose formalwear that it has some versatility and make the most of that purchase.

Many brides are choosing dresses for their bridesmaids that can be worn as semi-formals or formals for other events (after the wedding).

This is not only frugal, it's a great choice for the smart bride honoring her wedding party!

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