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Simple Holiday Crafts...

Nature can be brought into the home with these beautiful and elegant crafts...

These handmade ornaments showcase the colors of nature, including pumpkin seeds, chili peppers, dried peas and moss.

These easy crafts are put together working on a small section at a time. Using split peas, moss, pumpkin seeds, chili peppers and pinecones- these beautiful ornaments can make decorating quite fun.
Click here for instructions for this easy and elegant craft idea.

Enjoy making the "Candy Cane Elf Box" with kids and add to holiday fun. This is a holiday candy cane holder with foam materials and Glue Dots.

The candy cane holder project is perfect for a Hodge Podge Crafts event. If you are a Mom or Dad planning a party, or a school or local park district looking for ideas with some left over crafts, the candy cane holder craft project is perfect.

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Adorable Handmade Elf Ornament

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The Classic Ginger Bread House

What wonderful fun to create a classic gingerbread house for the family, for friends, or even as a "lavishly cheap" gift.

Here is a resource providing free detailed instructions on how to put together your own gingerbread house (from Craft Elf).

Click here for instructions to create the craft of a ginger bread house.

Adorable Compact Made out of a Mint Tin...

Yes, you can make this adorable compact from a mint tin! Simply click on the image for directions, or click here to make this craft at home.
This is a great way to not only recycle, but to become creative in having a nice compact for smaller items!

Creating Bath and Body Products as A Craft

Creating your own skin and bath products can not only save you money (in comparison to expensive skin and bath products), you can also make great gifts.

This craft doesn't have to be difficult, in fact, there are many resources that teach you how to do it easily.

The basic ingredients are easily available and you can create a wide variation of fragrances in your bath supplies and a wide variation of products.

This craft can also be sold as merchandise.

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