The "Bare Minimum" Free Budget Worksheet

Your Bare Minimum is a free budget worksheet and is very simple to do. It will give you the first glance to take control of your household budget and personal budget so that you can move to seeking "freed-up money."

That is our goal at frugal footsteps and is a part of the lavish cheapskate lifestyle.

This free budget worksheet is a crucial first step to knowing where you want to go financially. Just like any roadmap, you must know where you are today in order to get to where you want to go.

So take a few moments and do this for your foundational first step to begin the process of freeing up money.

List All Expenses Required Monthly...

Here are examples of what to start with:

NOTE: This is a list of your monthly costs.

1. Rent/Mortgage Payment

____________________ Rent or Monthly Mortage Payment

____________________ Equity Loan (if applicable)

____________________ Association fee (if applicable)

2. Utilities (Gas/Electric/Water, etc.)

____________________ Gas

____________________ Electric

____________________ Water

____________________ Other (total)

3. Home Entertainment

____________________ Television Services (Cable/Dish/Etc. TOTAL)

____________________ Other (list any recurring bills for home entertainment)

4. Connectivity Services

____________________ Internet

____________________ Mobile Phone/Home Phone (total)

____________________ Other

5. Debts

____________________ Credit Cards (total of all minimum payments)

____________________ Loans (total of all monthly payments)

____________________ Other

6. Automobile

____________________ Gasoline

____________________ Maintenance

____________________ Other

7. Insurance

____________________ Auto Insurance

____________________ Home/Rental Insurance

____________________ Health/Dental/Optical/Other Medical

____________________ Life/Disability

____________________ Any other insurance monthly costs

8. Residual Incurring Charges (Any other charges you incur regularly-- check credit card statements, debit statements, bank statements and list these below)





__________________ Total All of Your Expenses Above Here.

This is your Bare Minimum Total

By knowing your "Bare Minimum," you are now able to seek freeing up money in your everyday spending. To find several strategies on how to do this, there is a book we have recommended called "The Lavish Cheapskate- Everyday Strategies to Free Up Money and Recession-Proof Your Life." Click here to find out more about this book and how to use your free budget worksheet to build wealth, and to use these strategies. This site has a link that will take you to a letter that tells you more about "The Lavish Cheapskate" and gives several everyday strategies to have freed-up money snowball in your favor. Check it out.

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