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Whenever you want to seek free family fun, come back to see what's new!

Free Family Fun is not only possible, it opens an entire world for every family member!

I have put this page together to help others explore more home entertainment that doesn't cost anything. When I went through the big financial shift in my personal life, my daughter and I unplugged television for seven years. Once without cable, we discovered an entirely new world of many things we could do for free.

These are the memories we will both cherish for the rest of our lives.

So I have put this page together to help you explore more things you can do free of charge. This will not only be great for your frugal lifestyle, it can add possibilities that extend far beyond honoring the dollar-- it opens to honoring life!

Free Movies with No Downloads...

Simply watch on your computer now!

Click here to go to our free movie link page. No downloading required!

The Great Benefits with Free & Frugal Entertainment...

Here are some of the many great benefits of incorporating free entertainment:

1. It teaches family members that fulfilling activities can be free.

2. It opens up many possibilities that you may have never known existed.

3. It provides quality time for everyone of the family members.

4. It frees up money to leverage it into wealth building!

Take some time and visit this page for more ideas since we update it frequently. These are things you can do starting today that will expand the fun in your life for everyone in the family!

Here's a video that gives a great example of Free Family Fun...

Explore Your Creative Side...

At Frugal Footsteps we also have craft ideas and many more links on the page you can explore to further the possibility of having creative frugal fun.

Take time to explore these option while you're here.

I also want to share this video with you that is just magnificent. This is a woman I came across on the Internet that does sand painting.

Your entire family is sure to enjoy this, and most importantly, it opens your heart and mind to adding more creativity in the home.

It's simply magical! Watch...

Another Free Pick of the Month...

Read PETER PAN Free Right Now On Your Computer!

You can read books online free. Here's a link to Peter Pan by James M. Barrie. Add this link to your favorites. You can read one chapter at a time and pick up where you left off. What's nice about this link is it separates the chapters.

Reading to children instills many gifts. It encourages them to read and find entertainment in a book. It also opens up to personal bonding time, which is creating a loving bond.

So enjoy and keep skimming down this page, there's more!

The Library- Much More Than Free Books!

The library not only provides free books, it also provides many other free resources.

With a free library card, you have access to thousands of free choices available to the entire family...

Free Movies Available at the library...

Free movies are available on DVD and (in some locations) VHS. It's a great way to share "classics" with loved ones.

Whether you have kids, or it's just you and your signficant other, this is a fun and free way to watch movies.

Interesting Fact: Only 20% of the population utilizes the library and miss out on a world of many wonderful opportunities.

At the library you can sign up for free community classes, take children to story hour, search for free community events, access free Internet service, and much more!

Get to know your local library and speak with the staff. They are there to help guide you to the many benefits the library has to offer.

What's great about the library, is it is a place to "go out for a day" to venture into an entirely free and fun experience.

Most libraries also have board games you can check out for free too. So explore the library and start the fun!

Bring Back The Magic of Card Games!

For several hours and many days of fun, you can check out a book like this from the library. If you have no luck there, we have found this link where for under $6 you can provide hours and hours of free family fun. This book is packed with games that can be enjoyed by a variety of ages. It starts off with games that children as young as five can play with their parents, and progresses to games that older children can easily play on their own. Their is a great assortment to choose from and it is easy enough for many children to read on their own.

Great Free Family Fun year round!

Free Craft Ideas...

There are so many fantastic things you can do that are fun for kids of all ages (including adult kids with no children).

Part of recreation is re-creation! Creating new ways to express the fun in your life!

As you explore these things, the fun and creativity comes through and even if you are not creative, you can do simple things that will create the impression of being a creative genius!

Here is something we found that can make the kithen table into a fun-filled masterpiece...

Imagine how much fun you can add with such a book.

You can fold napkins into a swan, bread holder, or pirate’s ship... Just like magic, these amazing origami napkin crafts turn paper or fabric napkins into fun centerpieces. There are also more elegant choices that make it worthy of the finest dining.

There’s a napkin sculpture for any and every occasion.

There are also simple patterns, such as a leaves, fish, hearts-- an array of different designs.

All the traditional origami techniques, tips, and symbols are described simply, and amazon allows you to read reviews and see the details.

Now, for under $10 bucks, you can make the kitchen and dining table spectacular and fun! Click here to check it out on Amazon. Give us feedback. We look forward to hearing from you and want to know what interests you!

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