The Power & Profit of Using A Grocery Shopping List

Grocery Shopping Lists

are a great tool to living the frugal lifestyle.

Creating A Grocery List for Frugal Living

To begin this journey and use these grocery savings tips, be sure that you include nutritionally-dense and lower-cost foods on your grocery shopping list. This creates a "lavish cheapskate's" win/win to fit your household budget, your grocery savings, and your health.

We've kept this very simple with Frugal Footsteps so you can overcome all the typical "money traps" that can lure you into spending more than you need to.

Here at Frugal Footsteps, we will do this together so you can maximize your grocery savings and add to a better quality life.

Simply use these grocery shopping tips and you will automatically avoid these spending pitfalls...

There are 5 Frugal Footsteps To Using A Grocery Shopping List:

1. Choose foods that are highly nutritional and low cost to your grocery shopping list. 2. Price per ounce/serving on everything.

3. Avoid coupons as your grocery savings tool. 4. Cut back your trips to the grocery store to once a month.

5. Turn Your Freezer into Grocery Savings.

Let's Take a Look at Each of the 5 Steps...

1. Choose low-cost, highly nutritional foods...

By putting these foods on your grocery shopping list, you avoid the lures that Grocery stores put out their to bait shoppers into purchasing higher-cost items. Manufacturers pay grocery stores to "position food on the shelves" so that they are at eye-level knowing this is the best spot to entice more sales (they place snacks kids love at the child's eye-level as well).

By using a list of highly nutritious foods, you will naturally avoid these lures.

2. Price everything per ounce or serving...

By pricing per ounce or serving consistently, you automatically set yourself up to cut back each time you go back to the grocery store to replenish your groceries.

This cuts back time in the grocery store, and it shifts your focus to "savings" rather than spending.

End result? More money in your piggy bank and more money for wealth leveraging!

You can also have fun and turn it into a game for the entire family!

Click here for this Free Game that Turns your Kids into Bargain Hunters!

When you incorporate a game like this for your kids, you are not only making it fun to turn them into bargain hunters, you are teaching them to honor their dollar too!

Make the entire experience fun for kids to become frugal too and teach them the basic principles of money and how it works.

This will instill wealth building habits for their future!

3. Avoid Coupons as your grocery savings tool...

To maximize your profits by using a grocery shopping list, avoid coupons. This will deter you from sticking to the list.

If you do come across a coupon on a product you standardly buy, then use it.

The reason you want to avoid them is most coupons are "spending stimulation tickets" that manufacturers put out to entice increased sales for their brands.

Click here to see a video to see the final result of a coupon hunt that I did for this news segment. It has some revealing statistics.

In addition, coupons also are offered on highly processed foods.

When you arrive to the blog, look for that irresistible dog. There you will find a post with an interesting read on how coupons can not only lead to more spending, but how it also can lead to promoting a poor diet. While you're visiting, join us. These are posts that focus on honoring every dollar spent.

4. Cut back your trips to the grocery store to once a month...

That may seem like a big leap, but once you use frugal footsteps, you will discover using these footsteps is much easier. They will save you time, money, and provide you with a simple way of living.

5. Turn Your Freezer into Grocery Savings...

Whenever meats, frozen vegetables, or any freezer-made foods go on sale, bulk up!

Use the freezer to cut back on trips to the grocery store and to buy foods in bulk. This, once again, cuts back on time wasted in the grocery store and puts a stop to impulsive spending.

Another way to use the freezer is using the frugal footstep in meal planning which is "the quick grab concept."

As you venture to the meal planning link , you will find out how to use this simple concept to cut way back on cooking time and unnecessary expenses, such as eating out, additional trips to buy more food, etc.

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