How Frugal Footsteps creates income streams and residual income at home...

In these economic times, people seek having income at home more than ever. They want control over their own lives and they are more serious than ever about building wealth and their own REAL business at home.

We will continue to add links to this page for more options for income opportunities at home. So visit often.

With unemployment at an all time high, many people are choosing to be proactive and begin the process of building a "side business" while working for an employer.

That has been a big motivating factor for me to put this site together-- to help you recession-proof your life.

I want you to reach your own liberation and do what you choose to do in life, and SBI! has been a part of that liberation in my life.

So venture through this page for different ideas on how, you too, can create an income stream at home. We have a variety of different subjects we will be adding and you can choose what best fits your interest and passion!

Soap Crafting- An Easy Craft and Potential Home-Based Business

If you like bath and body products, this craft may be just the right resource to add additional income.

Not only does soap crafting potentially help you cut back on expensive bath products, it makes great gifts and can ultimately be a small business you can build.

Creating your very own homemade soap has never been easier!

We recently found a unique and skin-rejuvenating guide that reveals how easy it can be.

In fact, if you can read and understand second-grade English, then you already have all of the skills needed to create your very own:

Soap that’s gentle on your skin

Soap that refreshes your body with soothing scents

Soap that leaves your skin with a radiant glow

Soap that frees you of harmful chemicals

Soap for your family, friends, and yourself

Click here to find out more about this "income at home" choice and the craft of soap making.

How about Creating Candy Bouquets Year Round for Fun and Profit!

Imagine how fun it would be to start making beautiful candy bouquets right away?

Do you want to learn how to make candy bouquets like the one above? If yes, then

click here to find out more about creating income at home with this fun business.
This 259 page ebook contains all the necessary information on how to create professional looking candy bouquets plus a lot of material on how to start a successful candy bouquet business such as:

•Know yourself and the Market

•Creating Business Plans

•Legal Requirements

•Location of Your Business


•Advertising and Promotion

•Promoting your business online

•Suppliers List

To learn more, click here.

Battery Reconditioning- The most profitable niches in the near future are energy conservation...

Rechargeable batteries allow the user to be free from cords that restrain and limit them to move around. More importantly, they allow the user to operate in remote locations where there are no power outlets.

This course gives you all the details.

•Learn how to rejuvenate dead batteries - This simple procedure can revive seemingly dead batteries.

•Learn how to measure a battery's charge capacity - This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made.

•Learn how to revert a reversed cell - When a cell is reversed in a battery pack it is really bad. Learn how to revert it back.

•Learn why batteries need to be reconditioned - Learn the theory in plain English, how a battery develops the memory effect and how reconditioning reduces and eliminates this effect.

•Learn how to tell if a battery needs to be reconditioned - Some batteries may not respond well to reconditioning. Others will dramatically improve. Learn how to tell the difference.

•Learn how to perform all these procedures with inexpensive tools - This will allow you to do everything to achieve maximum results and to go into business reconditioning batteries.

To learn more about this income at home opportunity, click here.

How About Building a Business with Candle Making?

In This Course You'll Discover...

•The 3 Simple Techniques to Choosing The Best Wax

•3 Little Known, Yet Simple Ways To Use Wicks...

•Secrets From Expert Candle Makers That Few People Ever Know About...

•2 Simple Keys (that are right in front of your eyes) To Make Scented Candles...

•WARNING: 3 Things You Should Never Do When It Comes To Making Candles...

•In Just A Few Short Minutes You'll Learn How To Create Different Kinds Of Candles Like Pillar, Votive, Taper, Tealight And More...

•6 Time Tested And Proven Strategies For Making Different Kinds Of Candles...

•Why, When, and How To Use Different Kinds Of Wax...

•7 Everyday But Often Overlooked Tips And Tricks For Selling Your Candles...

•A Pennies On The Dollar Approach To Giving Special And Unique Candle Gifts...

•Specific Steps To Take To Avoid Problems With Your Candles...

•The Once Famous But Forgotten Secret That Instantly Allows You To Use Different Kinds Of Molds...

And there's a lot more... that's just a small fraction of the valuable information you'll discover in this jam packed course.

Build Your Own Website to Earn Income at Home!

As mentioned, I was laid off on January 5th, 2009 and I have put this site together with SBI!

SBI! not only promises to help your target audience achieve the change they so desire in their lives, it OVERdelivers...

And it opens pathways to create streams of residual income. Check it out for yourself...

I have posted a video below that reveals more...

Income at Home

Other easy ways to create residual income...

This page is updated frequently, so please add it to your favorites.

You can create multiple residual income streams at home.

As you build residual income streams, keep in mind that many people are seeking other alternatives to save money.

One example is using a service that supports a "lavish cheapskate lifestyle" and simultaneously builds a referral network. That way you accomplish two great things-- you free up more money in your everyday spending and you simultaneously receive compensation simply be spreading the good news. Here is a site that accomplishes both. Click here to go to

This site offers low price grocery items that mostly consist of unperishables. By ordering through, you have the ability to not only save money (since coupons are automatically included with purchases), you save time and gas.

It also cuts back on trips to the grocery store- which in turn, saves a significant amount on impulse buys.

The service is great and delivered to your door free of charge.

By referring friends to Alice, you receive 3% cash back for up to a year from friends orders. And this also gives your friends a $10 savings by going through your "refer a friend" link.

To find out more, click on the banner above, or simply click here for this option of creating an extra source of income at home.

Update on our first Alice Order...

My daughter and I participated in Alice to see how the delivery was, the quality of products, and the service.

We were both very pleased. Once again, by referring friends through the "refer a friend" link on their site, you can pass on $10 coupons to friends and receive a 3% commission on any sales for up to a year for the people you refer to alice.

So, by simply introducing people to alice, you can create another income stream to help defer the cost of your groceries, or simply supplement your income.

As promised, I put together a video so you can see our first order. It will refer you to our media site, but the links are here too so you can take advantage of your own $10 discount. It will show up with your first order.

Click on the video below to see how the order came in...


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