Meal Planning To Save Time and Money

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to spend hours a week meal planning to save a few dollars?

By looking at the costs of eating out vs. eating in, it's obvious that eating in, the frugal way, frees up lots of money so you can leverage it into wealth building.

Before we venture into what every frugal seeker and lavish cheapskate should have in the kitchen, here is a cookbook worth mentioning. It can save you a significant amount of money by replacing eating out with cooking your restaurant favorites at home...

This cookbook has "restaurants most popular recipes" and it's the next best thing to eating out. You can still have those restaurant favorites and free up money at the same time. What's great is it's instantly downloadable and you can get started right away...

To find out more, click here for meal planning restaurant style and for these secret recipes.

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Keeping Meal Planning Easy and Frugal at the Same Time...

The first thing you can do to cut back on cooking, messes, and spending is to adopt the Quick Grab Concept.

Here's how it works and how you can start today...

Cook your favorite meals in larger quantities once a week. Preportion them into single servings in air tight containers. These are low cost containers that freeze well too (and are reusable). Gladware, for meal planning, has plastic ware that you can use over and over again for preportioning meals.

For instance, if you make a casserole for the family, make a larger batch and freeze these meals into smaller, single-serving containers.

This is just like having your own frozen dinners at your fingertips, but you have the choice to create meals that can be healthier for you and your family.

Continue to do this once a week until your fully stocked for everyday meals.

Instead of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner to make everyone happy, you simply ask, "What do you want for dinner?" And give them the choices you have in preportioned "Quick Grabs."

This cuts way back on cooking time, messes, and hassles.

Canning Can Also Lead to Great Savings and Ease in Meal Planning

Another resource is canning. Canning too can extend the life of the meals you prepare. To read more about canning, click here for more ideas on meal preparing and using jars to preserve meals.

This site shares some great ideas on canning and is a great resource for truck drivers. There are over 3.5 million professional truck drivers nationwide, many of whom have spouses and families. While they are often overlooked for opportunities for frugality, provides truckers with real world tips to save money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road.

Frugal Cookware That Every Kitchen Should Have

The Handy-Dandy Crockpot...

Every frugal kitchen should have a crockpot for meal planning.

The best crockpot is one that has enough room to cook larger quantities. This will expand upon the Quick Grab Concept and make meal planning not only easier, it will cut back cooking and simultaneously save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Larger crockpots can be hard to find in standard stores and can be quite costly. However, we found one that fits the frugal bill! Click here for our frugal find for a large 6 quart crockpot. It's only $34.95 and well worth the small investment.

This is a 6-quart crockpot and can be used for stews, beans, and other favorite crockpot recipes.

You can use the larger size crockpot to cook larger quantities, cut back on cooking time, and save.

This particular model has a removal dish that is easy to wash, and can be used with the slow cook "low" option for overnight cooking.

One of my all time favorite cookbooks has been Fix it and Forget It! Click here to view this book...

There are no fancy frills to it (as you will see), but it's a basic and simple cookbook loaded with slow cooker recipes.

If you have an all-time favorite, feel free to submit your own recipe and we'll start a collection of all time favorites! See the form at the bottom of this page...

The Wonders of a Dehydrator...

Turn perishables into longer lasting foods with a dehydrator...

Lately there have been sites and stores selling "reconstituted foods" as emergency food. Some of these foods are dehydrated and used to add to recipes.

They have gained popularity during the recession because the shelf-life is stretched. It allows families to store foods for later use.

You can stretch your own foods that usually perish fast for meal planning by dehydrating your own foods and cut the bill for higher cost reconstituted foods by using a dehydrator.

Slice tomatoes, apples, bananas, apricots, and other fruits that standardly perish fast and dehydrate them into snack chips.

You can also use these same dried fruits and vegetables to add to recipes. This extends these foods to more frugal use in meal planning.

We recommend a "square shaped" dehydrator (even though it costs a little more). In the long run, it is more efficient because you can fit more sliced food in it and make it more energy efficient. They are also easier to clean and store.

Click here for the frugal find we discovered for dehydrators. The cost is from $55-$75 and has been the low cost leader for the Nesco square shaped brand.

Similar dehydrators can start at $149.00 and up. But for home use, this product fits the bill.

Although this is a little more costly than the other related cookware for meal planning, it saves plenty of fruits and other foods from perishing. In the long run, it can be quite a cost saver.

TIP: If you have any fruit trees, this unit can create many snacks year round. Instead of tossing bad fruit, you can now dry it to use as fruit snacks and for recipes. If you have a garden with an abundance of vegetables, you can make vegetable chips and use the dried fruit for future recipes.

The Rice Steamer...

Having a rice steamer for meal planning and The Quick Grab Concept is a frugal money saver, time saver, and a great way to make meals in minutes.

Here are some tips in choosing a steamer.

Many Rice Steamers may seem a flimsy, but we found one has a lid that snaps shut and cooks up 16 cups of rice. It also has inserts to steam vegetables and cook other foods in addition to rice.

In our frugal search for rice steamers, this is what we found...

This steamer cooks up to 16 cups of rice and fits the frugal bill at only $34.99 while many rice steamers can be very costly.

After evaluating the frugal steps we have shared on this page, this one turned up the winner.

When you steam rice in quantity, you can freeze cooked rice to add to recipes later. Also, many recipes, including rice, make a healthy and very low cost meal.

This steamer also does well with brown rice.

If you have had the experience of cooking brown rice in a pot, you know the frustration that can exist.

By using a steamer, you not only get the best results, it's an energy saver, a time saver, and this steamer cooks in larger quantities (perfect for quick grabs).

It makes life simple, frugal, and frees up money so you can leverage it toward wealth building!

SIDE NOTE: If you do eat out, read this arcticle from our friends at "The Dollar Stretcher" for

for tips on how to lower your bill and tips for inexpensive restaurants.

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